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How To Transport Your Pet During an Emergency

Since every emergency situation is unique, please give us a call so that we can give you advice on how best to move your pet in an emergency. We would like to see your pet as soon as possible after a trauma.

Be careful when you handle any pet in pain. A pet who is in pain may bite, even its beloved pet parent. 

Remember to drive safely, and transport your pet carefully:

  1. Handle your pet as gently and as little as possible.
  2. If your pet cannot walk or is too weak to stand, gently wrap/slide your pet into a blanket, towel, or coat, or place your pet in a secure pet carrier.  Be sure any blanket, towel or coat is wrapped loosely so that you are not cutting off his or her circulation.
  3. Crates are excellent to use to transport your pet, but only use a crate if you do not have to fight to get your pet inside and only use one that you can move easily and fits in your car without too much jostling. 
  4. Pet sized pieces of wood, cots or anything that is long, flat, sturdy and fits into your car/vehicle make good stretchers.
  5. If you have assistance, two people should lift your pet into your vehicle supporting the head and rear.
  6. Place your pet in the back seat and, when possible, have someone ride in the back with them to help them lie still, be more comfortable, and monitor their condition.
  7. Lie your pet on its side if possible.  If the pet seems to resent this or has more difficulty breathing on its side, leave the pet in a comfortable position of his or her choosing.
  8. Call us ahead of your arrival and we will be waiting to help you get your pet out of your vehicle and into the hospital.

We are open 365 days a year. Call us at (703) 327-0871 for assistance.