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Pet Success Stories

Pet Success Stories

Lucky's Story Lucky's Story

In December 2015 our cherished puppy Lucky ran in front of a bus and was side swiped causing extensive damage to his hind legs and back side. I can’t begin to describe the sinking feeling of despair that rushes over a pet owner after witnessing such a life threatening event.

Fortunately we live close to Dulles South Veterinary Center (DSVC) and established a close relationship with the compassionate Veterinarians and Technicians. That morning we called DSVC at 6am as we rushed to the hospital, and within minutes the medical team was ready to receive us. I was immediately set at ease as the calming voices of each medical team member assured us that Lucky was in good hands and he will be okay.

The following day our family visited DSVC to see our Lucky up on all fours with his tail wagging and elated to see us. How could this be? Not only were his wounds professionally treated; but our Lucky was jovial and pain free!

After a couple of weeks and under the caring hands of the DSVC team, Lucky’s recovery appeared more like a miracle. It has been four weeks and our Lucky is running around the house. He is back to being a playful and curious beagle. To all of our friends and miracle workers at DSVC, we can’t thank you enough for bringing our Lucky back to us. ~Jay T.~


Jessie's Story Jessie's Story

That's our girl. She wouldn't be here today if it weren't for Dr. Drew Luce. A car slammed into her at 40mph dragging her down the road, grinding her rear right foot into the pavement until her bone was exposed and burned. It seemed she could not possibly survive such a violent hit. In fact, the other dog running with her did not survive. But that pup did not have Dr. Luce.

Jessie and her friend had been hiking with our neighbor, when they lit off after a buck. Jessie followed full speed until their chase met with a sedan on a road running through the park. Jessie’s internal organs were badly bruised; her heart has never since beat normally. And her foot was ragged – without enough tissue left to sew together over the bone. Dr. Drew and his staff cared for Jessie three weeks. Performing a procedure daily to save her foot. She’s a sensitive girl, a mama’s dog – yet she seemed comfortable even at peace in the hospital. You’d think she would not be so at ease in a place where she experienced pain and missed her family. Yet she seemed to understand Dr. Drew and his staff were saving her. They must have been very gentle, comforting and encouraging for her to settle in and endure the procedures.

Today she runs through the woods again, without even a limp. She’s happy to see Dr. Luce when we visit and enthusiastically greets the staff like they are old friends. We truly believe we’d not be enjoying Jessie today if it weren’t for the high-tech and tender care she received. Thanks, guys from the bottom of our hearts. ~ S. Thomas ~


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