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FAQS and Policies

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FAQS and Policies

FAQS and Policies at Dulles South Animal Emergency and Referral Hospital

My dog or cat has been injured or is very sick – what do I do?

If you pet is sick, even if you are not sure, Dulles South Animal Emergency is here for you.  Call our 24/7 veterinary ER at (703) 327-0871. View map / directions.

Do I need an appointment?

You never need an appointment, but we recommend you give us a call, so that we may prepare for your arrival. Our phone number is 703-327-0871. View map / directions

Are you open on Holidays?


What can I expect upon arrival?

Upon arrival, your pet will be examined by a staff member. The emergency room operates much like a human hospital’s ER, patients are triaged by a veterinary technician and will be attended to according to urgency.

How much is treatment going to cost? Do you offer any payment plans?

Most sick or injured pets require diagnostic testing, blood tests, radiographs, consultations, examinations and nursing care. The emergency doctor will give you a more accurate estimate following the initial examination of your pet. Please be advised that sometimes deposits are required at the time a case is admitted. Fees for professional services will be itemized and submitted to you for payment at the time of completion of our services. Checks, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and, if approved, CareCredit are welcome.

Care Credit

Dulles South Animal Emergency and Referral Hospital offers low monthly payment plans for your pet’s healthcare needs. Ask one of our administrative team members for more details or click here for more information.

Will my primary veterinarian be notified regarding my pet?

Yes, communication with you and your regular veterinarian is a top priority for us. From the initial contact we have with you, we keep you and your veterinarian completely informed. After your pet’s visit or hospitalization, the doctor will compose a full report to send to your veterinarian, along with any lab results and treatment goals. Throughout your pet’s care, our doctors will make sure you and your veterinarian are kept up to date on important changes and progress.

When can I visit my pet while he or she is in the hospital?

Like people, pets enjoy visits from their owners. Please call our office and we will be happy to schedule a visit. If your pet is here for surgery, we ask the visit be on the day after the procedure so that your pet can rest, recover, and not be over stimulated by your visit.

In the event your pet is in isolation, we do not permit visitation due to necessary precautions to prevent the spread of contagious conditions.

How long is recovery?

That depends on the injury or illness and the treatment process. Our doctor will give you an estimate of recovery time and keep you updated daily.

What can I expect upon picking my pet up?

You will be notified, in advance, on the day your pet is to be discharged from the hospital. A discharge appointment will be scheduled. Upon arrival, the client care team will provide you with a final detailed invoice, secure final payment in full, dispense medication(s), and discuss follow-up appointments needed. We will review written home care and postoperative instructions and answer any other questions you may have at that time.

If my veterinarian wants me to see you for my pet’s surgery, do I need to come in for an appointment or can I just book the surgery?

When your veterinarian provides you with a referral, you will need to bring your pet in for a referral consultation. You can make your consultation appointment by calling us at 703-327-0871. During your appointment, our doctors will provide you all the necessary information for the procedure and schedule the day and time.

How long will my pet have to stay after surgery?

Your surgeon will determine the length of time your pet needs to be hospitalized. This depends on the procedure and will be discussed when the estimate is provided to you.

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