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Is Your Pet Vacation Ready?

If you’re planning some time away for vacation or business, it’s important to make plans for your pets as well. Just like you would for children, assigning a caregiver while you are away reduces stress and will give you peace of mind. Most facilities where you take your pets have forms to fill out in the case of an emergency. Here are some questions to consider before you take your getaway:

Pet Sitter

  1. Who will be caring for my pet?
  2. What phone numbers should I leave them in the case of an emergency?
  3. Do I have enough food to last the duration of my trip?
  4. With pets that take medications- Do I have enough medication to last for the duration of my trip?
  5. Should I see if the facility has a possibility to leave my Credit Card on file, in the case that my pet sitter has to come in?
  6. Is my pet sitter authorized on my account at the Vet’s Office, in the case of an emergency?
  7. Does my current Vet have an emergency facility?
  8. What are my wishes for CPR in the case that something does happen and are my wishes clear with the sitter?


  1. What is the best facility to meet my pet’s needs for boarding?
  2. Is my pet up to date on all the vaccines required at the facility?
  3. What are my wishes in the case that CPR may need to be performed?
  4. How does the facility feel about medications if my pet needs any?
  5. Is there someone in the building at all hours of the day or just during regular business hours?
  6. Will my pet interact with other pets during their stay?
  7. What is the facilty’s protocol if my pet gets sick?
  8. Where will the boarding facility take my pet if medical treatment is needed?

At Dulles South VBeterinary Center, we want to make sure your time away is as stress-free as possible. We offer Emergency Treatment Authorization forms to fill out and add on the account, as well as credit card forms to leave on file.

We also have 24/7 emergency services immediately through Dulles South Animal Emergency & Referral, all housed in the Dulles South Veterinary Center. Enjoy a fun-filled summer and please call us if you have any questions at 703-327-0909 or download these forms here.